Syria – a communist perspective

Ira Wechsler (PLP) 8/28/2013

 This has nothing to do with any stated red line and saving face.
It has everything to do with declining US influence and control of the oil
spigot in the Middle East and the billions in profits that are stake for big
oil in the US.

After the invasion of Iraq the
puppet government gave over 70% of oil concessions to Exxon-Mobil. But with the
reshuffle of power in the Shia-dominated Iraqi regime, an increasing number of
contracts are now going to Chinese and Russian oil concerns. In fact the Shia
government is leaning closer and closer to Iran as well. Iraq is the second
largest supplier of oil in the Middle East now pumping close to 3 million
barrels a day and still expanding production. Russian influence in Iran and
Syria has been growing. The Russians only naval base in the Mediterranean is on
that narrow swath of coastline that Syria has along the Mediterranean. China as
the world’s second largest industrial producer is thirsting for direct
contracts with the biggest Middle East oil producers for its expanding
industry. Now it must go mostly through Exxon-Mobil and other western producers
to meet their strategic needs in crude oil.
This is unsatisfactory to a global power. That is why they are developing
nuclear carriers and submarines so they can extend their naval power into the
Persian Gulf region and expand influence in that region.

reality has caused a bit of a panic in the ruling circles of US imperialism.
They want to continue their hegemony in the region. That is why as their
economic power is shrinking they must destabilize the Assad regime , topple it,
and kick the Russians out of their naval base on the Mediterranean. Next stop
Iran. There have been numerous initiatives regarding sanctions against Iran.
Not primarily because of their nuclear development, but more importantly their
alliance with Russia. Russia is their largest trading partner. Iran is still
one of the largest oil producers and an even bigger natural gas producer. They
already have a pipeline extending to the natural gas fields in Turkmenistan, a
fact that disturbs US energy companies and the State Dept and Pentagon greatly.
The ultimate projection of US imperialist power would be to overthrow the
clerical regime in Iran and install a friendlier government there. Friendlier
to US oil interests. Israel would love to help the US attack Iran, but the
threat of Russian intervention is a key stumbling block.

So all in all this whole conflict in Syria is a proxy war of the three major
imperialist powers for domination of resources, markets, and labor. War in
Syria could eventually lead to world war on a global scale.

August 2013

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